Ayo!’s Hope for Hrazdan, an emergency project that launched in February 2016, has surpassed its 100% goal! Today we can proudly announce that all children attending the Hrazdan Day Care Center for Children with Disabilities will have full support for their operations in 2017. We would like to send a special thank you to the U.S. Embassy in Yerevan for partnering with us from the outset with a $14,335 cost-share, which reduced the amount we needed to raise by half.
We would also like to send special thanks to all the parishes, groups, families, and individuals who made their generous contributions to this project. It means the WORLD to these kids!
Between what we have raised thanks to your generosity, and the U.S. Embassy’s Democracy Commission grant to the Hrazdan Day Care Center for Children with Disabilities, the Center now has the $28,304 it needs to provide social, educational, and healthcare support to nearly 150 children in Hrazdan and surrounding villages. Their families are beyond excited to hear that their children will have access to essential therapies for yet another year and will receive help learning how to grow harmoniously with their peers. We are happy to say that these vital services will continue – all thanks to your care, trust, and generosity.
Moreover, Ayo! was so touched by the project and children at the Center, as well as all the amazing staff members, that we have decided to adopt this project for the next three years to come. As we work to raise funds for the project in the future, the FAR Children’s Center will provide trainings to caregivers and parents, guiding and counseling them through the intricacies of special education. We hope you will stand by our side and continue to bring hope for Hrazdan!
Hrazdan Day Care Center for Disabled Children provides social, educational, and healthcare support to nearly 150 disabled children in Hrazdan and surrounding villages. Professional teachers, psychologists, and social workers offer general education, intellectual games, physical education, art, and dancing.
After losing its funding as of January 1st, Hrazdan Center was forced to cease operations due to lack of financial resources. Ayo! will embrace this mission to raise emergency funds for Hrazdan. FAR, our parent organization, chimed in and donated the amount necessary that will allow Hrazdan Center to operate for the next three months, while we fundraise for their annual need.
Currently 58% of the children that attended the center are also enrolled in local schools. Twenty eight students have starting attending local schools since receiving services at the center, and 15 have overcome speech issues. The goal of the center aims to duplicate or exceed these results in the coming years. Will you say Ayo! to Hope for Hrazdan?!

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