In this age of technology where people spend most of their time in front of screens, limiting their body movement, the need for exercise and physical up-keep is at its peak. Fortunately, the popularity of the “gym-life” and exercising amongst youth is increasing in Armenia and Artsakh. Physical activity is not only a critical part of a healthy lifestyle, but also increases confidence and the ability to confront difficult choices. Keep Artsakh strong by making a donation, today.
Gyms and exercise halls are filled with energetic and motivated youth who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, due to various economic reasons not everyone has access to an affordable workout space. We at Ayo! found the ideal solution in “Street Workout” spaces. In collaboration with “Street Workout and Street Lifting” NGO, we aim to promote this healthy lifestyle in Nagorno Karabakh by creating the first outdoor workout space in Stepanakert. Help us develop physically active, mentally strong, and emotionally healthy future generations.
It is undeniable that the youth are the most important pillar for the bright future of our nation. A bright future needs bright minds, which as it is well established, lie in healthy bodies. Help Ayo! today in the mission of building a stronger and brighter future for Artsakh. Invest in the future of Artsakh.

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For a $1 you will earn a classic free pass and big Thank you shout out.

Recieve one month full membership to the facility, a printable e-membership card + all of the above

Six month membership card withyour name* + all of the above.

12 month membership card with your name* + all of the above.

A life time membership with your name* + half an hour training session in a street workout space in Yerevan during your next visit + all of the above.

* The membership cards will be shipped by email, depending on circumstances you may recieve your membership card after the fundraising is over.