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Mets Masrik Village, located in the Gegharkuniq region of Armenia, is populated by roughly 3,500
refugees from Azerbaijan. Inhabitants primarily rely on agriculture and cattle breeding for their
livelihoods. Mets Masrik is home to just one day care for the town’s 250 children, most of who are
between the ages of two and five.


ayo projects
Although it is mostly renovated the day care operates for a mere six months each year. The windows and
doors are too old to keep out the region’s bitter winter cold, thus forcing children to remain at home
during the late fall and winter months—the toughest months for their families to survive.


At Ayo! we are excited to raise funds that will bring warmth and joy to the families of Mets Masrik.
With your support, the day care will receive new windows and doors that will keep the cold out and make
it possible for the children to stay inside without risking their health and well-being, and will
ultimately enable them to attend day care year-round.

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