The Story Behind Our “Sweat & Burn” Campaign

Ayo! is building its “Healthy Hearts for Artsakh” campaign – aimed to establish free street workout facilities – around a very interesting and satirical topic; failing to go to the gym.

During our research, we uncovered that 67% of the people who buy gym memberships never use them; for the remaining 33%, only half use the membership on regular basis, with most people failing to pass the FIVE-MONTH mark.

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Although, many attempt and fail to go to the gym, these days working out and exercising are the most trending activities amongst youth. Weather going to the gym, early morning runs by the beach or taking the yoga mat to the nearby park for a session, a lot of young people are making sure they have that Facebook check-in or the Instagram shout out, telling the world about their healthy habits.

There are 3 main reasons why people actually go to the gym: to look better, lose weight and feel better. The character – Gym Rat – from our campaign story is also motivated by these 3 reasons; he believes he needs to lose weight. As seen in the video, he has a concrete vision of his future, post-exercise self, which automatically makes him feel better about himself. This is why he is interested in any gym offer, no matter how cheesy the name of the gym or lousy the workout. Of course, as predicted, when the moment of comes, he ends up tossing the gym membership aside.

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To bring together the gym rats, the gym-attempters, and the never-gymmers, and make everyone feel good about themselves, we at Ayo! thought of a fix for this dilemma.

In many rural parts of Armenia and Artsakh, villagers find it difficult to lead an active and healthy lifestyle due to their little means or time to go to an established gym or fitness center. To promote the ability of Armenian youth to maintain healthier lifestyles, we, in collaboration with “Street Workout and Street Lifting” NGO, developed the “Healthy Hearts for Artsakh” project, which focuses on integrating fitness into the life of our targeted community, Stepanakert, the capital of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. To realize this project, we call upon all the gym rats, the gym-attempters, and the never-gymmers to participate and be an advocate of a healthy lifestyle in Artsakh.

For our dear advocates who appreciate, but don’t necessarily participate in the healthy lifestyle, we have a special offer just for you. Instead of wasting your resources on memberships that will go unused, you can invest in a healthy future for the youth of Artsakh, and in return, receive a membership card as nice and shiny as the one at your local gym. But wait, there is also another perk, access to a FREE street workout space in Stepanakert, NKR, which means you can attempt to go to the gym as often as you’d like without having unused gym members pile up.

You don’t have to be a gym attempter or a gym lover to act; our donation packages are created so that everyone can have their share. By donating, you can give hundreds of your peers in Artsakh a lifetime access to an open-air exercise space. Just watch the video, have a good laugh with us, and make your contribution.

Find out more about the project here, and if you already made a decision and want to donate, click here.