Music Connects Us To Each Other

Music contains emotion, yet it isn’t made for joy only; sometimes it’s an attempt to transmit a message to the world. Sometimes we can’t describe the feelings we have with words but we can deliver them through sound. This, in essence, is where lies the power in music, which can bring people together.

Last summer, I was sitting in a bus to Yerevan. I had a two-hour trip ahead of me and the only way to kill the time was to listen to music and sing songs. Another volunteer named Emilia from the U.S., offered us to listen to her playlist. I almost knew every song but Emilia, who thought that people in Holland don’t listen to the same music as people in America, was nearly shocked every time I started to sing along. “Do they really play this song in Holland?” she would ask. It was so funny. The fact that we listened to the same songs connected us. We grew up seperately but listening to the same songs during our life and that created a friendship. A friendship based on the same taste of music!

If people share a taste in music they can talk about it for hours and they can listen to it. In fact, we can’t imagine our lives without music. We listen to music in the car, in the supermarket, during studying and even in the shower. Music helps to elevate our feelings; it is even shown to release dopamine into the brain, causing us to feel happy.

Musicians use their imagination and their creativity to provide us with song. Being able to have access to music and instruments to create music also further develops the creative side of the brain. Learning how to playing an instrument at a young age is therefore very beneficial. That’s why Ayo! wants to provide the Anahit Tsitsikyan Music School new instruments. Help us realizing this and donate at

Like Roy Ayers says: the true beauty of music is that it connects people. It carries a message, and we, the musicians are the messengers.