Happy Thanksgiving From Ayo!

Growing up, I vividly remember my tatik reminding my cousins and me that Thanksgiving is a time for introspection and meditation—a time to consider the unexpected joys and blessings of the past year. We’d like to thank you, dear donor, for being a part of our Ayo! family and saying ‘yes!’ with hundreds of others around the world.

Together, we thank each one of you who raised your voice with ours to say Ayo! to Breathe Freely, Hippotherapy, Music School, and Gifts to Schoolchildren this year! Your passion and support is a blessing—a bright fire that illumines and enriches our efforts to forge a better future for Armenia.

This Thanksgiving, we hope that you will take a moment to reflect upon the lives you have touched and the many that your generosity has inspired. Happy Thanksgiving!

Author: Jon Campbell, Ayo! US Fundraising and Outreach Manager