Fairy Tales

Little Nane Has Big Things to Say

From the day we are born until our older days, each of us are surrounded by fairy tales and myths. From the ancient times to our postmodern era, society’s common proverbs and wisdom were transferred from one generation to the next with the help of fairy tales. It is thus no surprise that modern psychology explores the impact of fairy tales on human behavior. Fairy tale therapy uses the influence of fairy tales to address several aspects of life, including education, personal growth, and change of behavior.

This method is effective for children as well as for adults. Fairy tale therapy helps psychologists to overcome the psychological wall between them and their patients and to enable them to work on issues or fears that, in many other cases, patients would not be ready to share and discuss.

We recently organized an incredible fairy tale event at FAR’s Children’s Support Center on June 1st, commonly known as International Children’s Day. We joined with the great psychologist Regina Avagyan to meticulously craft an atmosphere that encouraged children to be open and relaxed. She told children a fairy tale named “The Ugly Chicken.” She narrated so artfully that she transferred each of the children into a completely new universe. The atmosphere and decorations created by Ayo! staff brought children even closer to the tale. At the end of the fairy tale, each of the children wrote down their dreams and impressions on small pieces of paper and placed them in the small beautiful boxes that they had created with the help of Regina. They will keep the boxes with them and add future wishes and dreams there. The few hours they spent with Ayo! will live on in their memory for a long time. We, here at Ayo!, will too remember the intricacies of Regina’s fairy tale and the way in which we were affected and inspired. We look forward to organizing more surprises for the wonderful kids at FAR Children Protection Center!