[Ayo!]: Schoolchildren in Yerevan Join Crowdfunding Effort to Keep Their Friends on the Border Safe

September 8, 2014 10:00 am

September 1 in Armenia is traditionally the first day of school and Knowledge Day – a festive day for schoolchildren, their parents, and their teachers. It’s known for traffic jams, new backpacks, and lavish bouquets for teachers. This year, the Leo Tolstoy Public School #128 along with Yerevan Productions held a “September 1st Without Flowers” initiative, where students were encouraged to donate the funds that they would have spent on flowers to Ayo!’s Protective Walls project.

And so, with the participation of every single student of the school, $920 was raised to build a wall around the kindergarten and school of the Armenian village of Aygepar that is constantly under sniper fire from across the border. The Leo Tolstoy students said “Ayo!” to saving and protecting the lives of their fellow friends in Aygepar so that they don’t have to risk their lives to get the education to which all children have a right.

Since the Leo Tolstoy students did not bring flowers to their teachers, the teachers, themselves, gave each student a balloon with a handmade paper flower attached to it. The children then released the balloons into the air, hoping that their good spirits will reach their friends in Aygepar.

You, too, can join the generous souls of the Leo Tolstoy School and say Ayo! to a safe learning environment in Aygepar. Visit www.weareayo.org/protective-walls to learn more about the project and to make your contribution today! Every minute and every penny counts.