Armenia: The Struggle Leads To Good People

Many families in Armenia don’t have enough money. While we work hard to enjoy our lives, they work hard to ensure that they can survive. The economic situation in Armenia is getting better but for most people it’s not the way it should be. I have visited a lot of different places in Armenia – Gyumri, Yerevan, Dilijan, Tzagkadzor, Meghri, Kapan and Sevan (I may have even forgotten to mention of few of them here). This has made it possible for me to see Armenia from different angles. The thing that I am most fascinated by is the fact that the more difficult life is, the better a person is for it. This it might sound confusing for those of you reading this. And of course, what I am telling you is what I alone have experienced; it’s not an observation that rings true for everyone. The fact that this has fascinated me for quite some time has made me eager to talk about it with people from the village.
Today I had a conversation with my host uncle who lives in Arazap (a village close to Hoktemberyan). We sat in the living room and I told him that I didn’t understand how it was possible that while I have met both poor and rich people in Armenia the poor people seem to be even more satisfied with their lives than the rich ones. My host uncle told me that it is a matter of going through hard times. Once you know the dark side of life you can better accept and love the bright side to the fullest. The hard times color one’s life. And even though this might mean life is dark in the beginning the bright side may eventually appear, too.
So I went back to my room and thought about our conversation. The fact that I love Armenia as much as I do is because of the people I have met here. People who love you unconditionally and really appreciate it if you do something for them. Those people all have gone through hard times (an earthquake, the Soviet period, poor economic situations, etc.). The hard times has made them eager to find the positive in their lives. They know the importance of having good friends and family around them because when you are in need having people to love and help you is crucial.
While writing this blog I am also thinking about the cool Ayo! crew we have. Armen, the most creative (and smartest) person I have ever seen, thank you for being part of Ayo! Jemma, so positive and enlightening to other people’s lives, thank you for being part of Ayo! Helena, the most sociable person on this planet, thank you for being part of Ayo! And then there’s Hovig, Ayo’s other ambassador with whom I work a lot. Hovig is good hearted and always willing to help wherever help is needed. Thank you for being part of Ayo! Today I feel good and happy about meeting these kinds of people in Armenia. Being part of Ayo! is a way to give back to people in Armenia. They are thankful and that makes me thankful as well.
Lots of love,
Talin ☺