12 Seedlings For Christmas


The holidays are upon us. Most of us have begun the search for that perfect and unique gift for each of our loved ones. If you are looking for that unconventional gift that holds meaning and priceless value, Ayo!’s current project, Planting Roots, is worth considering.  

Planting Roots aims to build a greenhouse at the Vanadzor Children Support Center. With 12 days left until Christmas, let us share with you the 12 ways you will help, 12 seedlings you will plant, by donating to this project.





ayo_plantingroots_christmascampaign_tomatoClean air, quality food, pure water and a sturdy shelter are our essential necessities. A good meal made with fresh and nutritious produce can go so far as to uplift spirits. This is what makes this project so special; the children at the Vanadzor Children’s Support Center will be able to use and derive most of their nutritional needs from their very own greenhouse.

Fun Fact: Tomatoes are the state vegetable of New Jersey.



The ancient Roman poet, Vergil, said – “The greatest wealth is health”. Indeed, what is more precious than seeing a healthy child full of life and joy? Not a single person would disagree that the key to a healthy childhood is a healthy diet. With this in mind, and with your support, our project will bring the joys of a healthy childhood to the lives of the children at the Vanadzor Children’s Support Center.

Fun Fact: If you eat cucumber slices before going to bed, you will wake up feeling fresh and headache free!



ayo_plantingroots_christmascampaign_greenbeansEffective solutions to critical problems often spring from the use of creativity. Creativity, however, needs to be encouraged and nourished. Through the greenhouse, we hope to excite creativity by encouraging children to find new, creative and exciting ways to grow their crops.

Fun Fact: Each pod contains 4 to 6 beans. Most varieties of green bean have smooth, kidney shaped beans.



Group activities are important instructional tools that teach children the value of cooperation and caring for one another. Not to mention, being a team player is a valuable skill in today’s labor force. The greenhouse is the perfect place for teamwork and cooperation as children cultivate and take care of their vegetables together.

Fun Fact: The word potato comes from the Spanish word patata.



ayo_plantingroots_christmascampaign_pepperAt the Vanadzor Children’s Support Center, children can delve into many different extracurricular activities and trainings, spanning from sports, arts, technical skills and hand crafts. The older beneficiaries of the Center also receive professional guidance to choose their path in life.  With a greenhouse available for experimentation, children can also try out their green little thumbs and gain valuable skills in one of the biggest sectors of the economy.   

Fun Fact: Since peppers have seeds and come from flowering plants, they are actually fruits, not vegetables.






Learning responsibility is one of the most valuable lessons in life. Being in charge of a living thing, seeing it grow from a tiny seedling into a plant that provides nourishment for others is one of the greatest lesson that teaches by example. You can help the children of the Center learn about responsibility every time they step into the greenhouse.

Fun Fact: The oldest pea was found in Thailand. It was 3000 years old!




ayo_plantingroots_christmascampaign_basilComing from different regions of the Lori province and from underprivileged communities, children who attend the Center are often exposed to illnesses, drugs, violence, and other obstacles that hinder their full potential.

By giving children access to a safe and stimulating space in the form of a greenhouse, we hope to transfer all the proven benefits of working with the soil and seeing one’s actions prove fruitful, thus increasing children’s confidence in their ability to achieve whatever once was thought impossible.

Fun Fact:  Purple Basil is beautiful, highly aromatic with purple leaves and pink flowers.







A greenhouse is a source of endless learning and discovery. The children at the Center can learn the

science of plants and animals, the environment, and how it’s tied to nutrition and our health, all through fun hands-on activities.  

Fun Fact: The lettuce plant can reach 6 to 12 inches in height.




ayo_plantingroots_christmascampaign_broccoliLove for our human peers, for animals, plants, and our environment is proving, from day to day, to be in short supply. What is a greenhouses but a miniature example of our ecosystem and planet. Through the greenhouse, we can teach children how to be more loving to plants, the environment and towards each other, and how valuable and powerful love can be.

Fun Fact: Available all year round, broccoli is best from October to May.




The Center is a second home for many of the underprivileged children thanks to the love and care provided by the staff. The greenhouse aims to continue fueling this warmth by encouraging kindness between children and towards other living creatures, like plants, and by providing physical warmth on a cold, gloomy, winter’s day.

Fun Fact: Just one medium carrot, or a handful of baby carrots, counts as one serving of your daily veggies.


ayo_plantingroots_christmascampaign_eggplantArmenia has a worrisome emigration problem. A large number of the children at the Center come from families where at least one parent has left the country in pursuit of labor; a factor that also increases their chances of emigration. Through this project, we hope to strengthen children’s sense of belonging within their communities, while providing them with the skills and tools needed to find future local work and contribute to the development of their communities.

Fun Fact: Eggplants aren’t REALLY vegetables, they’re berries.



Receiving often teaches us the value of giving. Through the greenhouse the children at the center can learn about the gift of giving as they share the fruits of their labor together, while also offering the harvest to their community.

Fun Fact: The psychological term for the fear of garlic is Alliumphobia.



All this being said, We would like to remind you about our project. With your donation we decided to fundraise for a new addition to the Vanadzor Children’s Support Center, by building a 10 by 13 meter greenhouse to be used as an extension of the center’s offerings. The greenhouse will supply vegetables to the community and provide another revenue stream for the children center to expand its resources.

Say Ayo! to growing a healthy and empowered generation, donate now.