Christmas is quickly approaching and while we prepare gifts for our loved ones, decorate the
tree, and anticipate the surprises of the season, there are children who do not get to
experience any of this. They are the children who, sadly, don’t receive a visit from Santa.


ayo projects

For the third year now, we at FAR and Ayo! are reaching out to these children region by region
so we can bring our “Chocolate Bank” to them. This year, in partnership with the Lori branch
of World Vision Armenia, we’ve identified families in need. At least 355 children from the
villages of Yaghdan, Privolnoye, Mikhayelovka, Gyulakarak, and Pushkino will be visited this
year by FAR and Ayo!’s “Santas” to receive their Christmas gifts.


ayo projects

From now until January 6th – the entire Christmas season – we will be collecting chocolate,
candies, and cookies. In addition, we will fundraise to buy warm coats and boots for these kids
since many families in these villages often do not send their children to school in the cold
because they lack the proper clothing. We want to make sure that these kids start off the New
Year with new coats, boots, and other winter essentials.

Give today for tomorrow!

Don’t wait. By giving today you are investing in Armenia’s future.

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